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A couple of questions for you. Are you looking for a great recruiting partner? Is your time valuable? I was in your shoes. Stop searching......seriously......this is them. The team at CRG has been a great partner to Tri Tool. Before I go further, please let me explain what a partner is to me. The Team at CRG has taken the time to learn about Tri Tool, our culture, the industries we serve, and our clients. I personally can't say enough about CRG here's the key. They take the time to know me and how I think. They make solid connections with the candidates and meticulously sort and present the right ones. Their process is well refined. Like clockwork, the CRG team has weekly check-ins with us. They are fully prepared and outline the next steps for each candidate. And let's be happens. Most of us are wearing multiple hats now, not every week I show up on my A-game. Team CRG doubles down. Week after week they make sure we are at a great pace and on track. I cannot recommend the CRG team enough. Stop your search and save yourself time. This is the team that will get the job done for you.


Todd Fox

VP of Global Sales I Tri Tool Technologies

 Brian Fielkow | CEO | Jetco Delivery 

“I have worked with John since 1999 and used his services at three different companies. John provides excellent candidates, always offering the best of the best. He takes time to understand my business, culture and needs, and I couldn’t recommend John more!”

 Constantino Lannes | CEO | Sennebogen 

“Amanda did a fantastic job in filling three high level positions for Sennebogen. She was very accurate, responsive and provided us invaluable information throughout the hiring process. I highly recommend her to support your hiring process.”


 Will Oberholtzer | Managing Partner | Turn Out Industries 

"I have worked with several different recruiting firms over the years. John and his group provided the best service and best result of all the firms. Frankly, its not even close. Example - we had been recruiting a CEO into hard to place area. The prior recruiting firm, with a strong urging from the Board to focus on the local area, could not find any candidates from the local area, and, in general, the pool was limited. John's firm found more than a dozen from the area in 30 days, many of which were well qualified. We now have an excellent CEO who lives in the area. I have been involved in three different searches with John and his group, and I could not be more satisfied. Very highly recommend them."

 Trent Hawthorne | COO | Rabbu 

"Amanda and the CRG team deliver a truly white glove experience that is unlike any other we've experienced. They're knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, professional, and always on top of the process from the start. We're very excited to continue our partnership with them. 10/10 would recommend!"


 Harm Stratman | President | Burkert Fluid Systems 

"John Binkley is a True Master of his Craft. Many in the recruiting business present a nice sales pitch without delivering real results - not John! I am grateful to have John and his Team working on my company's behalf to proactively combat the Global War on Talent. This is one of the most important pillars of our Global Strategy!”


 Lee Holder | Director of Sales | Kohler Company 

“Ty is more than a recruiter, she’s a partner, consultant, and advocate. I embarked on an ambitious “career pivot” and was fortunate to work with a true professional like Ty Miller. Not only did she help me satisfy my top search priorities of “culture” and “fit,” she was a calming and reassuring voice though an arduous and lengthy process hiring process. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with her and I love the new role she helped me find.”


 Harold Karp | CEO | Applied Process 

“We recently engaged Randy and his team to fill 3 extremely difficult searches that was very unique to our business. In 2 cases were needed a leader with a strong operational leadership background as well as a metallurgical background. In the other case we needed an experienced sales leader with very specific skills and experience. Randy took the time to understand our needs, culture, and long-term vision for our organization. He guided us through their strategic methodical process right up to successful placements. We are absolutely thrilled with all three placements! My recommendation could not come more highly!”


 Khristian Gutierrez | Co-Founder | Passport 

"Amanda and her team have been outstanding to work with while building our team. People are the most critical investment in any business, and I've been pleased to trust CRG with steering our recruitment. Amanda was a quick study who honed in quickly, on my business needs and helped drive changes in our processes when we sought different outcomes. I'm excited to continue our partnership and find more 10x'ers to join my teams."


 Paul Kirchoff | CRO | Epsilon Industries 

“Janna did a fantastic job orchestrating the myriad of logistics and communications that are surely central to a successful recruiting search effort. Her attention to detail, attitude and professionalism were a huge part of our great experience with the CRG team.”


 Paul Bennett | CEO | Southern Spear 

“Randy produced better results faster than any recruiter I've worked with in 20+ years. When we decided to add a Group Controller for our holding company, I knew the skills and experience required to meet my expectations would make it a long and difficult search. Randy and his team did an excellent job understanding what we needed and then provided an initial slate of candidates in under 3 weeks- one of which was the perfect fit. We completed the entire search and hired the right candidate in less than 30 days. I can't thank Randy and his team enough for their excellent work and highly recommend him and the CRG team to anyone who has key positions to fill.”


 Lori Vance | Director of Human Resources | Henny Penny 

“Ty is a great asset to the LexisNexis HR team. From a recruiting perspective, she delivers strong results for the business. She focuses on hiring quality candidates in a timely manner. She has great partnerships with the managers she supports and they have trust and confidence in her abilities.”


 Jason Stuckey | GM | Linnworks 

“Recruiting top tier talent in the fastest growing market in the US (Austin, TX) is a "mission impossible" task, especially when you’re a building business on a budget. Amanda and the team at CRG far exceeded my expectations, going above and beyond the call of duty to find the perfect candidate for our business. She also acted as my trusted partner throughout the entire process, supporting me every step of the way. It is incredibly rare that you find someone, let alone a recruiter, who is genuinely dedicated your success as much as their own... Amanda, is that person!”


 Mandi Higley | Head of People and Culture | Tri Tool, Inc. 

“We have worked with CRG for quite some time and we met Randy when our leadership team took the Predictive Index (PI). Randy presented the results to our leadership team and we learned so much from that meeting. Randy is phenomenal in understanding and explaining the Predictive Index and what it means individually, and as a team. Based on the success our leadership team had and how much we learned about each other from the session, we decided to purchase the Predictive Index for our recruiting efforts as well as for our entire employee population. Randy took on the herculean effort of training myself and a colleague to understand how to use the PI tool, how to understand the PI results against the targets and how to provide candidates and employees with the appropriate explanations and read backs of their results. Randy is absolutely amazing in training others to use the PI. I now feel completely equipped to use PI in a way that truly benefits our organization. He was absolutely fantastic and we appreciate all that we have learned from him!”


 Carolyn Brand | CHRO | Sennebogen 

“CRG Search is an outstanding partner and is best-in-class in executive search. The CRG team is one of the best I have ever worked with. Janna Augustyn, in particular, is an integral part of the CRG team. She is one of the most diligent individuals I have worked with and her follow up is impeccable. I never have to worry about scheduling an interview or following up on actions. Janna is right there helping every step of the way. I am appreciative of Janna’s constant support.”


 Philip Bowma | CEO | Peerless Surgical 

“Peerless Surgical acquired John and his CRG teams (Janna and Amanda) services when we were desperately in need of a high level Human Resource Director. John immediately met with me and put together a profile of what we were looking for as a company and educated me on the process. In short order we had a strategy and were kept up to date on progress and soon had list of qualified candidates to choose from to begin interviewing. The final selection of candidates were all high quality and capable of doing the job and each had their strengths and weakness, but we did not feel we'd found that right skillset and cultural fit quiet yet after narrowing our candidates down. I went back to John and once he understood what we were looking for he quickly adjusted his search and found multiple candidates and out of those one that fit all of the criteria. My entire organization that would be working with her on a daily basis gave a 100% thumbs up! After dealing with recruiters in the past we did not feel we needed a recruiter until we worked with John and his team. The harder we pushed him and his team....the better they got! Truly a credit to their profession! Thanks John!”


 Lee Dietrich | CEO | Utili-Serve 

“CRG Search’s overall service in the areas of recruiting, screening, assessment of candidates, their personalized customer service along the relationships they maintain with their vendors are the kind of traits that makes them the number one provider of Executive Search and Contract Staffing as far as we are concerned. Through the entire process, John Binkley and his staff at CRG stayed focused on helping us find the right person for our business requirements and more important for our company culture. CRG ensured that they had a deep understanding of our business needs. Their breadth of experience in multiple industries and ability to conduct searches for professionals in many different disciplines and at many different levels was a big plus for our demands. We believe we found the perfect set of candidates who hit all the right personal, professional, and cultural touchstones that we required. Their communication and professionalism throughout the whole process were excellent. The winning candidate was identified and subsequently hired. If you have a need for specialized staffing talent CRG definitely delivers."


 Martin Wesemann | Director of Manufacturing Engineering | Kohler 

“John Binkley has provided professional search and recruiting services for me over the past three years. John has consistently presented multiple solid candidates for each of the searches contracted. I have hired candidates presented by John in three of the past four searches with external hires. I will continue to call on John for future hiring needs.”


 Dan Key | CSO | Dentsply-Sirona 

“I have known John for almost 15 years and have always been very impressed by his processes, values, service and dedication in all aspects of his life - his family and friends, his recruiting roles, his desire to start his own company and his personal and professional development. John has worked on numerous roles for me and has always found the right few people to present to my company to fill critical roles. He has filled engineering roles, plant management roles, and corporate roles including my most recent role for a VP of Procurement. In every opportunity, he has done a great job and met my every expectation while making the process for me so much easier. John is a tremendous business partner and friend.”


 Thomas Legaspi | Commercialization Manager | US Foods 

“Tim is a professional senior recruiter who shows genuine care for his clients. He is very detail-oriented and a very good listener to analyze client requirements and motivations. He goes above and beyond giving extra pointers to prepare for an interview. Checks in before and after the process and provides very timely feedback with or without any news. It was a great pleasure working with Time.”


 Laura Roenitz | Executive Director | Kohler Foundation 

“It is a pleasure working with Ty. We had a search in a competitive market for a very specialized experience package. She, and the whole CRG team, understood the challenges, changed the game plan when we needed it and helped us find the right candidate. I am so pleased with the results of our partnership”


 Dave Zerfoss | Master Chair | Vistage 

“John is a true professional and a man of great character. He has an extreme depth of experience in recognizing, attracting and recruiting highly qualified executives and senior managers who deliver extraordinary results for his clients!”


 Kevin Kelly | President | GenPak 

“I've gotten to know John Binkley through our time together at Vistage ( an Executive Group that we belong to). Certain phrases come to mind to describe John : integrity , likeable , and servant leadership. We recently worked with John and his Company ( along with his fine associate Mike Dempsey) on an executive search and were thoroughly pleased with the process and outcome. John is a quality person and I'd recommend him and his Company to serve your recruitment needs.”


 Mandi Higley | Head of People and Culture | Tri Tool, Inc. 

“Tim is a great recruiter! In the 21 years I’ve been practicing Human Resources, I have never worked with a better company than CRG! Tim listens and seeks to understand your company needs, where you’re at now and where you want to go in the future. He takes that information and presents the perfect candidates every time! I highly recommend working with Tim and the entire CRG team. In a time where all employers have struggled getting the right candidates, we have been so fortunate that Tim presents amazing candidates that are a perfect fit for our company. You’d struggle to find a better recruiter than Tim and you’d certainly never find a better partner for your recruiting needs than CRG! Thank you for all you do Tim!”


 Jordan Thiede | Global Manager | Amazon 

“John is the best recruiter I've worked with. In working with him across multiple companies, he consistently delivers excellent candidates quickly. When John and his team are on it, we typically find the right candidate in less than a month. Additionally, the candidates that John has identified typically turn out to be great long-term employees for the organization."


 Chip Gentry | Manager of Air Service and Research | Memphis Shelby County Airport Authority 

“I had the pleasure of working with Ty. As a recruiter, her support of the sales team was quite valuable. Ty’s strong work ethic, attention to details and overall business acumen created success for the team and comfort to the client in meeting their needs.”


 Erin Ruff | HR Executive | Commscope 

“Amanda has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process and partnering with us to fill a high visibility position. I have never met such a professional and dedicated recruitment person. Amanda was quick to understand what we were looking for in an ideal candidate, what our company culture is and the feedback we provided on each candidate. Amanda, you are brilliant at what you do!"


 Carolyn Brand | CHRO | Sennebogen 

“CRG Search has been a partner for the last two years. The CRG team has shown they are top-tier in recruiting. In fact, they are one of the best teams I have ever worked with. One of their top recruiters, Amanda Rutherford, has been instrumental in placing candidates with my company. Amanda’s keen understanding of our business and the types of profiles we hire along with her strong follow up make the recruiting process run smoothly. Thank you Amanda!”


 Brian Rouse | CPO | Tractor Supply 

“Amanda Rutherford is an outstanding business partner. She is a clear communicator and supremely focused on delivering results. She also knows how to identify talent, aligned with the key attributes and culture fit you seek. I recommend Amanda, and the CRG team, if you are interested in teaming up with a talented recruiter you can trust.”


 Rick Puchalski | VP of Sales | Applied Process 

“I worked with Randy extensively during an intensive recruiting/placement opportunity. His "Top 1%" rating is not a surprise to me - he is truly the best at what he does. He is incredibly thorough, dedicated, responsive, and patient. Randy demonstrate a very high EQ which is of critical importance to help develop the perfect candidate profile and of course the perfect matching candidate. It was a complete pleasure to work with Randy. I highly recommend Randy and CRG Search overall.”


 April Fisk | CEO | RockBox Fitness 

“'Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Amanda. I had the pleasure of working with her during my executive employment search. I was particularly impressed by Amanda’s ability to handle all moving parts through the process – effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among recruitment professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. She always left me feeling supported and reassured. Allison would be an asset to anyone looking to move through the recruitment process.”


 Mike Natelborg | Director of Sales | Wastequip 

"I recently worked with Randy in my search for a sales manager for my open territory. I thought Randy brought a new level of professionalism and thoroughness during the search. The process was much quicker than I expected, but he certainly didn't cut any corners during the search and the level of candidates he presented. Look forward to working with him in the future."


 Brian Scheall | VP of Finance | IMG 

“Amanda is a 'must have' if you desire to build a high performance team. She has helped us on several occasions to place new qualified candidates and couldn't have been more satisfied with the results of each search. Very thorough, great communicator, tireless work ethic, great eye for talent, super positive attitude and can connect culture with candidates like no other. Highly recommend you utilize her services as your organization builds out the depth chart. Thanks, Amanda!”


 Christine Hummerland | CEO | Assured Healthcare Staffing 

“Tim is a detail-oriented, energetic person who is excellent with follow up. I could give Tim a project and it was always completed in the time frame that was established. Tim has a level of integrity that allows trust in all business matters. Tim has a great personality and a big heart. I wish Tim well in his future and I believe he will always be successful.”


 Andy Mayer | Director of Human Resources | Wastequip 

“Randy is first class when it comes to partnering on national searches. He has the ability to present candidates that fit our culture, and skill sets to be successful in their new roles. Randy is very diligent and we look forward to working with Randy for future searches."


 Dino Pineda | Area Manager Clean Energy | Kohler Power 

“Tim is a great recruiter! I really enjoyed my interaction with him and was always checking in with what the next steps are for the hiring process. Very professional, but also down to earth.”


 Michael Messinger | Sr. Director of Technology | HEPACO, LLC 

“Mike was one of the most professional, structured, and prepared recruiters I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He understands people, culture, and value very well. I appreciate all of his help and expertise throughout the entire recruitment process.”


 Joanne Couture | VP Procurement | Dentsply Sirona 

“Amanda was an absolute pleasure to work with. She communicates proactively and is very responsive. Amanda's attention to detail in the information she provided through the recruiting process about the company, in preparation for interviews, etc. was tremendous. She is the most diligent recruiter I have had the opportunity to interface with, and one a highly recommend."


 Lindsey Pyle | VP Global Sales & Marketing | Avast 

“Amanda ran the search for the role I accepted during an important change I was making in my career and I couldn’t be happier that I worked with her. First and foremost, Amanda was skilled in matching my background, experience and interests to a company culture and role which are a great fit. I felt prepared and always knew where I stood in the interview process. Amanda was upfront, honest, detailed and responsive. She is an absolute professional and was wonderful to work with.”

 Garret Ewald | Talent Acquisition Leader | GE Healthcare 

“Michael is one of the finest recruiting leaders I have had the pleasure working with. He works hard to understand the needs of the business he supports. Michael creates a culture of collaboration, recruitment technology and transparency on his team to build a strategy to deliver strong recruitment outcomes.”


 Jeff Brown | Board Member | Articulate Labs 

“Mike is a very different kind of recruiter… he truly cares about people, always has, and helping THEM drive success. Where most recruiters are coin-operated (transactional) and blindly agree with whoever has the money… Mike truly cares for both his clients and the executives that make a difference for them. Mike is driven to connect PEOPLE to opportunities, make career connections that last, and he speaks clinician and healthcare like a real pro. With a high say: do ratio, a strong work ethic, and solid business acumen – Mike is a people person to trust.”


 Clayton Hemphill | Director of Corporate Audit | Commscope 

“Through the potential "new normal" of virtual interviews (during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic), Janna helped set-up 11 different WebEx interviews over a 2 month period and coordinate with the client company. She also thoroughly checked references and provided a detailed summary, which exceeded the normal standard in the recruiting agency. She was a key resource to ensure the interview process and communication among various stakeholders occurred smoothly and effectively.”


 Crystal Kim | Senior Manager | Patient Safety & Pharmacovigilance 

“Tim is an outstanding senior recruiter. He is truly professional and cares deeply about his clients and recruits. He goes the extra mile to setup the right candidates in a position for success. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

 Francisco Ramirez | Plant Manufacturing Manager | Kohler Co.  

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike as my career recruiter. Mike was one of the most professional, structured and prepared recruiters… he understands people, culture, and value very well. I appreciated all of his help and expertise throughout the entire recruitment process.”


 Niki Rogers | Senior Director of Human Resources | DiVita Kidney Care 

“Michael was one of the best recruiters in the business! He helped me navigate the interview process and job offer process. The entire process was very smooth. Michael was transparent in communicating my needs to the company to make sure both sides were happy. He has great relationships with desirable employers that are looking to hire and can help set appropriate expectations in a professional manner. I was always well informed throughout the process! Thank you for working with me.”


 Heather Hankins | HR Manager | Mickey Truck Bodies, Inc. 

“I recently engaged Ty to fill a confidential search for a role on my team. It was going to be a little tricky based on the business needs of our company and what was required to fill the role. She was engaged from the start and asked multiple questions about culture, needs, what was missing currently, and what I was needing. She asked for feedback in areas that weren’t quite right of the candidates and what was working during the search. I added a second role to the same search about halfway through the process. Not only was she able to fulfill the original role with the required needs but she quickly filled the second role. Ty was great throughout the process from the employer side and candidate side. The new employees are not only fulfilling the needs but exceeding the expectations. My team is not only staffed but the quality of the candidates she brought to the table far exceeded my expectations.”


 Rick Puchalski | VP of Sales | Applied Process 

“I had the pleasure of working with Janna during a recent recruiting/placement opportunity. Her professionalism and follow-through are exemplary. Janna not only answers any request, but will pursue problems until they are fully resolved. She clearly demonstrated flexibility conducting in-depth reference interviews with non-native English contacts. I highly recommend Janna and CRG Search overall.”

 Kathryn Lawler | Market Development Executive | V-Soft Consulting 

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with many Recruiting professionals, but Sarah is someone who has always gone above and beyond. I started my career working alongside Sarah. Not only did she learn the tricks of the trade quickly, but she pioneered new recruiting paths and practices for the whole team. Sarah is one of the best Recruiters that I have worked with. She is professional, incredibly driven, and a natural-born leader. Watching her learn and adapt to our ever-changing business landscape was inspiring! Her ability to establish relationships with her candidates, coworkers, sales teams, and hiring managers, is truly second to none. I have in the past and will continue to recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for opportunities in her industry. I hope Sarah's and my professional paths continue to cross throughout our careers."

 Rachael Pileggi | CHRO | Designs for Health 

"I highly recommend working with John and his team for your recruiting needs. He deploys powerful tools like the Predictive Index and the Actualized Leadership Profile, which serve as a nice complement to our internal recruiting capabilities. His team is bright, professional, buttoned up, and on point. Thanks John!"

 Andy Mayer | Global Human Resources Director | Honeywell 

"Randy is first class when it comes to partnering on national searches. He has the ability to present candidates that fit our culture, and skill sets to be successful in their new roles. Randy is very diligent and we look forward to working with Randy for future searches."

 Rose McPhee | HR Executive | Kohler 

"John is a phenomenal recruitment partner and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him on a myriad of challenging searches – ranging from Logistics, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing - and everything in-between. John takes a very effective consultative and strategic advisory role and is consistent in identifying top talent and securing quality placements. John brings a high level of integrity, professionalism, excellence, and accountability. He is ethical, straight-forward, diligent, and conscientious. He is a highly talented resource for conducting market research and finding the passive candidates. John is tenacious, passionate, and a true extension of a successful business partnership who is flexible and well-versed with internal company recruitment requirements. John is nothing short of amazing; he is a valued well-respected executive recruiter and I am fortunate to partner with his expertise."


 Brian Fielkow | CEO | Jetco 

"I have worked with John since 1999 and used his services at three different companies. John provides excellent candidates, always offering the best of the best. He takes time to understand my business, culture and needs, and I couldn’t recommend John more!"


 Christina Audi | Executive Director | Peregrine 

"I met Ghali when he contacted me about an open position. He was fantastic to work with. He was honest, had my best interest, and was always checking in- still checks in! I would recommend working with him."


 Mike Natelborg | Director of Sales | Wastequip 

"I recently worked with Randy in my search for a sales manager for my open territory. I thought Randy brought a new level of professionalism and thoroughness during the search. The process was much quicker than I expected, but he certainly didn't cut any corners during the search and the level of candidates he presented. Look forward to working with him in the future."


 Travis Banfield | HR Executive | Mueller 

"John Binkley is one of the most high energy, results-driven recruiters I've had the pleasure of utilizing for hard-to-fill positions. His ability to find candidates outside the mainstream pools is something to see. The caliber of candidates brought into the organization pays daily dividends. I get pitched on a daily basis from recruiters who all claim to be different and unique, but John delivers qualified candidates, which is all that's wanted with a recruiter."


 Erik Ferguson | President | PDI 

"Ghali Asad is great to work with. He is a hard worker, very professional, and a top performer. He will go the extra mile for a client and his co-workers. On a team/in a group, he will lead the way or bring your team up to a new level as a valued member. I cannot say enough great things about Ghali."


 Jennifer Mayenschein | VP Human Resources | Airgas 

"For the 10 years I've known John, he's provided phenomenal service to his clients. He is incredibly networked and with good reason; people want to surround themselves with top-notch talent like John.  John's knowledge and background coupled with his many years of experience, thoroughness and professionalism have lead to dozens of successful placements at my organizations. When I think of successful recruiting I think of John and I am confident he will continue to exceed my expectations as an executive placement leader.  I personally recommend you consider contacting John for your business needs. I assure you he'll provide you with the same level of service; immediate response to your requests, follow-through on commitments, a thorough understanding of your business as well as your culture and in turn provide qualified candidates with high-producing track records to enable you to hit your talent acquisition goals."


 Blanca Richardson | Global Talent Acquisition | Gilead Sciences 

"I have known Tim for over 10 years now, and have seen him progress through his career at a rapid pace. Tim is highly respected by co-workers for his ability to jump in and help anyone he can. He is very well organized, diligent, easily reachable, and has excellent follow through skills. I would consider it a privilege to work with Tim."


 Shelly Szarek-Skodny | President | Senior Living Services 

"Ghali worked with our organization and delivered quality product and service on every front. I would highly recommend him and his organization."


 Gary Sexton | Human Resources Executive | FB Brands 

"I had the privilege of working with John on a tough-to-fill opening. By far, he is the most diligent consultant I have ever worked with. John moved quickly throughout the process and met or exceeded every commitment on time and with the promised results. What separates John from the universe of recruiters is the value he adds in providing clients with useful tools and resources that aid in the full search cycle. This is the first recommendation I have ever written for an executive recruiter! John has truly set a higher standard within the executive recruiting industry. I highly recommend John for your company's search needs."


 Chris Siemasko | Chief of Staff | Infinant 

"John has done a great job of efficiently identifying qualified candidates and assisting through the entire process - on both sides. We continue to value his efforts in other roles for us."


 Kimberly Vida | Senior Director - Technology | NYU 

"The title of 'Recruiter' doesn't convey the breadth and range of Ghali's competencies in this role. His adroit, insightful assessments of resumes and candidates, coupled with his vast knowledge of sourcing practices/techniques translate into delivery and results for every transaction. Having worked with many recruiters over the past two decades, I can say he is a stand-out in his field."


 Brian Kramer | VP of Human Resources | MSI 

"I have worked with John for nearly 10 years. In an industry littered with unethical and under-performing recruiting partners, John is one of the best recruiters I have had the pleasure of partnering with in my 25 years in Human Resources. My recommendation could not come more enthusiastically!"


 Douglas Flint | Managing Member | AQPR Consulting 

"I have worked with Ghali Asad for a year on various assignments and he impresses me as the consummate consulting professional. He has a good sense of how best to match consultants to projects and vice versa, he is sensitive and pragmatic about client’s versus consultant’s needs, he is attentive and determined in his approach to problem solving and above all is absolutely the nicest person. For these reasons, it has been a pleasure working with Ghali."


 Crystal Kim | Senior Manager | Horizon 

"Tim is an outstanding senior recruiter. He is truly professional and cares deeply about his clients and recruits. He goes the extra mile to setup the right candidates in a position for success. I would highly recommend him to anyone."


 Stacy Galgocy, MD, MBA | CCO | E&I Software 

"Ghali's personality and determination allows him to excel in achieving exceptional results. Ghali is not only my first choice, but my only choice for recruiting the most talented candidates."


 Jenny Chavez | Operations Manager | VMS Bio Marketing 

"Lisa is a joy to work with. Her upbeat personality and ability to think outside the box is what makes her an excellent recruiter. It was a pleasure and a blessing to work with Lisa."


 John Azzaro | Product Director | Rares 

"Marshall is indisputably one of the best recruiters I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He was with me throughout the entire process and provided invaluable guidance and insight. Dedicated, professional, hardworking, and an exceptional communicator. I would highly recommend working with Marshall if you have the opportunity, it was one of the best decisions I made in my recent job search!"


 Colin VanderSmith | Vice President – Product Management | CIQ 

"Lisa is the premier example of everything you would hope for in a recruiter. She demonstrates years of experience in her understanding of client objectives and thoroughly executes on all fronts. I firmly believe in her abilities and look forward to her future successes."


 Alessandra Jacques | Vice President - Product | Terminus 

"Marshall was by far the best experience I've ever had working with a recruiter. He really took the time to get to know me and to get to know what my needs were, and because of this he knew exactly what roles would be a perfect fit. He really understands product management and the software industry, which is a huge plus. As we moved down the hiring path with a new company, he was by my side every step of the way, going above and beyond to keep me informed, strategizing next steps with me, giving great advice, and really going to bat for be with prospective employers. On top of all this, he is a genuinely great person. I would highly recommend Marshall to anyone looking for a job in the tech industry or anyone looking to hire - he is the best there is."


 Douglas Prairie | Owner | Prairie West 

"Lisa is one of the best recruiters I've had the pleasure to work with. She went to the Nth degree to assist me in my situation and I believe she would do the same for anyone else."


 Evarestus Enuka | Palo Alto Networks 

"I highly recommend Marshall Haas as a trusted agent and a professional to work with. Marshall worked with me during my interview process with Iron bow and not only was he punctual, he made sure that I was well informed and also check in with me regularly. He is one of the very few best out there."

 David Akitoye | CyberOps | GTA 

"Working with Marshall was an amazing experience. He ensured a seamless process and I recommend working with him."

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