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Executive Search Firms should be used selectively and sparingly for difficult-to-fill $100,000 salaried jobs and above. 


The cost of hiring the wrong leader can be substantial. According to Joe Hadzima of the MIT Sloan School of Business see: READ ARTICLE the actual cost of an employee can be as much as 2.7% of their salary. So, a $100,000 salaried employee, in actuality, could cost an organization $270,000. A $250,000 employee, for that matter, may cost an organization as much as $675,000.


The cost culturally, of hiring the wrong leader can be devasting. A study by renowned economist Eileen Appelbaum and sociologist Ruth Milkman found a bad hire can translate to as much as 213% of a C- Suite level employee's salary. 


Subsequently, investing in the right search partner, who secures the right long-term leader, will generate a significant ROI for your organization in the long run.


After assessing our client's needs, we collaborate to create customized pricing relevant to their unique hiring needs. Because of our innovation, team approach, Lean Sigma process, technology, and automation, our typical price point is, on average, 30-40% less than a traditional search firm.

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